About us

Pasta e Formaggio has the answer to all of your Italian food cravings. We are a passionate restaurant in Singapore’s city centre that specializes in Italian cuisine, creating delicious and authentic dishes for all our customers. We are dedicated to using high-quality ingredients, sourcing both local produce and only the best from Italy. Dine with us and savour hand-stretched thin crust pizza, flavorsome seafood risotto, and creamy, rich pasta. All of our sauces are made daily from scratch, with our talented team of chefs ensuring flavour depth and freshness in every dish. Located on Raffles Boulevard in Marina Square, our spacious restaurant is the perfect spot for your next meal out with colleagues, friends or family. The inviting atmosphere of our casual eatery is further heightened by our friendly staff, who provide quality service and warm hospitality. If you’re after the gourmet delights of Italian cuisine, dine with us in the City Hall district today!